Chris Martin Promises New Coldplay Album After Hiatus Rumours

By in December 3, 2012 • Filed in: News & Rumors, Upcoming Projects

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has reassured fans that the band hasn’t split up and are simply taking a break away from the spotlight to work on their sixth studio album.

The ‘Paradise’ hitmakers fuelled rumours of a split last week in Brisbane, when Martin said the concert would be their “last big show for a while.”

However, he has now clarified his statement, explaining that the band will simply be working on new material.

“It happens to us every album. I say on stage, ‘I’ll see you in a bit’, then we always bring out another album and look silly because everyone’s like, ‘I thought you retired?’,” Chris told The Sun.

“The album is definitely coming, unless the rest of the band decide to pursue their modelling careers of course – goodness knows mine is over.”

Martin also told the Daily Star that he “fired up” about their future. “I’ve been writing songs and I’m so fired up about the band’s future.”

“I’m fortunate to do what I do and no way do I want to stop. This three-year break idea only came about because I said at a gig in Australia that we might not be back there for three years.”

“That’s probably true, but that’s just how a world tour works. No chance are we taking a three-year break.” [Source]

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