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Coldplay Delivers in the Usual Way

By in January 2, 2013 • Filed in: Reviews

Near the end of its allotted time at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sunday night, Coldplay offered up “Fix You,” a vow of encouragement about as earnest and ingenuous as its title suggests. The song opens like a processional hymn and stays in that realm awhile before tipping decisively toward rock grandeur: a cue for Chris Martin, the voice and face and soul of the band, to shrug off any lingering scrap of pensiveness or decorum.

He did so in a very Chris Martin way, swiveling from his neon-graffiti-scrawled upright piano and bounding down the catwalk that jutted onto the arena floor. A few strides in, he threw his lanky body into the air — chest forward, head back, arms splayed — and deftly crumpled as he landed, rolling back into a somersault. He called to mind a jack-in-the-box or some other spring-loaded toy, blithely singular in purpose.

You could say much the same for the show, an elaborate and efficient production clearly meant to provide one dopamine hit after another. There were LED wristbands that went aglow in coordinated bursts, making each concertgoer a part of the arena’s lighting design; there were blizzards of pastel confetti, cut into custom shapes; there were dozens of beach balls bouncing along the crowd. All within the first few songs. (The full-tilt laser display was yet to come.) Read full article.

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